Happy Holidays!

Because nothing says holiday spirit like an artist's book.

Special "Pandering to the Electorate" Art Fair Post

Because what makes art matter most is happening in Miami, RIGHT NOW. We are special people doing special things.

The Experiential Fallacy

Here's the new strip for Big Red & Shiny. I'll be getting back to posting more regularly soon, but for now work on other, top secret type projects, is taking precedence.More about those later.

Studio Time

The Crisis of Criticism

Here's the new Big Red & Shiny strip, reasonably on time even. And yes, she does have a slightly different haircut

The Day After.

And, new at Big Red & Shiny!


The final nail in the coffin of discourse

Which necessarily directs us to the concept of the "rigorous", always a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Discourse, the last refuge of a scoundrel

True Fact: Talking about "Discourse" is inversely proportional to making work! Which is why its been coming up here lately.

Hey Tom, Remember that comic you do?

Jokes about press releases aren't the most novel thing in the world, I know.

How do you know when the art is done?

Because the best part of being an artist is getting more art supplies.

Funny seeing you here

Just so we're clear, I was not there either. I was at the movie.

The awful truth

New @ Big Red & Shiny

Just as an experiment in seeking that elusive demographic interested in comics about art as well as other things for which the internet is far more popular, I'd like to write out here the three words from this comic that will generate maximal search engine hits for this entry: kiera knightley nudity.


Click to enlarge/commute/eventually pardon, etc.

Chickens coming home to roost, sort of.

Does Nathan take an early coffee break or does Danny take a late lunch? I'm not sure, but I'd like to have a storyline where the answer to that question would be an essential part of the continuity.

Dollar Value vs. Sweat Equity

Which is to say that it was very hot today. And that I am genuinely upset and baffled by the iced coffee surcharge. Can anyone explain this?
The next strip will feature a return to dialogue. I for one am excited.

Like Omega Man, but with a woman, and without Charleton Heston or the Luddite Vampire Cult

The second to last in this group of characters by themselves, this is the one that has the potential to spin off into a whole other series, at least until Danny and Nathan come back from their breaks.

Lawrence Schroeder is still the most important collector in the world.

Just for your reference, we're talking about this. Again, sculptures that seem like they could only exist as props in a comic strip actually exist in the world, much to our mutual horror.

Checking in with Danny on his lunch break.

Which is sort of what we'll be doing for a few days as we return from that hiatus. One at a time, folks.

More in the artist's studio

I guess that's an answer, but he could probably ask the same question again.

Where does it go?

You might be wondering what happened to the time between "The Return" and this strip. So am I.

The Return!

I didn't realize it had been so long. Fortunately, Derek works slowly if at all. There will be a new Big Red & Shiny strip in the update, two weeks from now. Good times to be had by all, I assure you.

Brief Vacation

"The White Cube" will be on brief hiatus, as I'm going to be out of town for ten days, so the next posting will be on the 28th or so. Stop back then for a new era in comedic sequential pictorial narratives taking place in the context of the contemporary art world and/or business.

Cart? Check. Horse? Not so much.

He's lost his Positive Mental Attitude.

Lost & Found off the L train

or, The Perils of Leaving Work Early.

Demonstration of the importance of punctuation in implying inflection.

Not a "date" date. More like an appointment. But "It's an appointment!" is hard to say with such enthusiasm.

Newest White Cube @ Big Red & Shiny!

What do preparators do all day anyway?

When conversational gambits go wrong.

Derek tackles the same big issues he used to.

But he only gets benefits for lifting stuff. More small talk excitement to come. As always, click to enlarge.

Archive Fever!

Out of town for a few days, so this here is an older strip not so much about art as about architecture, and not so much about architecture as about lunch. If you experienced a chuckle of recognition at this post's title, consider your educational dollar well spent. If not, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Studio Visit + Gallerist = "Networking Opportunity"

Maybe that's why Derek there is smiling so much in the third panel. Or, maybe it's just what's in the bottle.

Two-Fisted Two-fer Tuesday!

Seeing how it's already Tuesday, it seemed a little artificial to post these strips separately. Besides, they more or less go together. Please also note that the bearded fellow's name has been changed, because I realized that "Bart" as a first name would probably make people think of Bart Simpson. Yes, it took me over a week to realize that. But now that I have, all is as it should be, and the trains should be running on time, so to speak.

Accidental Hiatus - new at Big Red

So the busy week of a week ago turned into the inadvertent week off of this past week, but those days are done, and we are back in business with this new strip from Big Red & Shiny & more to come on a daily schedule. Note that this strip includes basic cable language, so is not suitable for the kids who are otherwise reading this comic.

Meeting people

Busy this week, but today's post features new adventures in the department of instrumentalizing friendships.

Post inadvertent hiatus, a name change for the guy in the hoth jacket.

The background character strikes again.

I promise that not every marginal artist character will have a beard and glasses. Just this guy and the other guy, probably.

The Most Recent Comic @ Big Red & Shiny

Now I know what you're saying, "Come on, that dollar sign sculpture is such a dumb and blunt prop for some 'commentary' about art and money that it more or less invalidates anything you might have to say." Which would be true, if it wasn't a real sculpture.

Some things just can't wait.

Just a reminder to click on the image to enlarge. Also a reminder to leave a comment if you have even the slightest inclination to do so.

A little behind the eight ball

Somehow, she didn't notice Danny's new look.

Remember Lenny? At Bodhi Tree?

Not exactly funny today. More Mary Worth than Wizard of Id. But wait, does the woman in the third panel look sort of familiar? Maybe? Just a little bit? Suspenseful!

Sometimes hair is more interesting than art

This is especially true of art which makes use of hair.

Third Wheels

Tomorrow, further excitement in the movement of art and artists, as well as further explorations of the elements of style.
Just as an aside, who all is visiting here from Scotland? I'm not trying to put you on the spot, just curious.

Cargo pants are the new skinny jeans.

As promised, there will be a post tomorrow and on Saturday. You are encouraged to not miss them. You are also encouraged to comment on them, should you be so moved.

Preparators should be seen and not heard.

This one in particular is lacking some small-talk skills.

What is contemporary art made of?

A recipe that never fails to please.