Sometimes hair is more interesting than art

This is especially true of art which makes use of hair.

Third Wheels

Tomorrow, further excitement in the movement of art and artists, as well as further explorations of the elements of style.
Just as an aside, who all is visiting here from Scotland? I'm not trying to put you on the spot, just curious.

Cargo pants are the new skinny jeans.

As promised, there will be a post tomorrow and on Saturday. You are encouraged to not miss them. You are also encouraged to comment on them, should you be so moved.

Preparators should be seen and not heard.

This one in particular is lacking some small-talk skills.

What is contemporary art made of?

A recipe that never fails to please.

Worlds collide! Politely.

And, of course, the strip from Big Red & Shiny.

To make up for Friday's lack of strip, I hope to do five more for this week, so don't despair. Instead, comment!

Just Smile and Nod

Next episode, worlds collide.

Well, at least she doesn't have to deliver the work herself.

The preparators probably live there anyway, right? Of course they do.

Art Fairs : Biennials :: ________ : _______

Of course, by "ill-conceived museum show" I mean "Comic Abstraction" at MoMA, the less said about which the better.

And on Monday, the Gallerist Rested

Matthew Nash made a comment involving Garfield, so I was tempted to do an "I Hate Mondays" gag, but I'll probably save that for when I'm really at a loss.
Just to clarify: a comment very nearly generated today's strip, which at least started out as the aforementioned gag type. Never underestimate the power of blog comments. They're like votes, except not really at all.

Return to Escape from New York

In fairness to the two in the cab, I'd kind of forgotten about him myself. And yes, I know it's not exactly the most meaningful reference to a John Carpenter movie in the post title, but I figure if I just make lots of contextless pop culture references, I can get a job writing for "The Family Guy".

Above the clouds

Deals made, percentages discussed, seats sat in.

Adventures in subsidiary industry

Deadlines are both a fictional and a non-fictional problem

So, between working late and problems with blogger, this is an extremely late post. Sorry about that. Let's note now for the record that "The White Cube" is a work of fiction, and any resemblances to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. There will still be a new comic tomorrow.

In-Flight Reading

Okay, so jokes about Artforum's ad content are probably the "take my wife, please" of the contemporary art world humor department.

New White Cube @ Big Red & Shiny

So, this should be posting on Big Red & Shiny tonight, but I thought I'd post it here as well, click to enlarge (like everything else).


This leads in to the next Big Red & Shiny strip, which will be up with the new issue on Monday, along with a new daily strip.

A little late today.

So, I'd just like to apologize to today's visitor.

Making friends and influencing people

I'd just like to take a moment to point out the comments function.

Further adventures

Click on comic for larger view.

Daily #2

Further hastily drawn adventures