Brief Vacation

"The White Cube" will be on brief hiatus, as I'm going to be out of town for ten days, so the next posting will be on the 28th or so. Stop back then for a new era in comedic sequential pictorial narratives taking place in the context of the contemporary art world and/or business.

Cart? Check. Horse? Not so much.

He's lost his Positive Mental Attitude.

Lost & Found off the L train

or, The Perils of Leaving Work Early.

Demonstration of the importance of punctuation in implying inflection.

Not a "date" date. More like an appointment. But "It's an appointment!" is hard to say with such enthusiasm.

Newest White Cube @ Big Red & Shiny!

What do preparators do all day anyway?

When conversational gambits go wrong.

Derek tackles the same big issues he used to.

But he only gets benefits for lifting stuff. More small talk excitement to come. As always, click to enlarge.