Brief Vacation

"The White Cube" will be on brief hiatus, as I'm going to be out of town for ten days, so the next posting will be on the 28th or so. Stop back then for a new era in comedic sequential pictorial narratives taking place in the context of the contemporary art world and/or business.


  1. This "hiatus" is getting worrisome. I mean, how long does Derek need to organize his studio for a visit? Your fans demand that you return to this action-packed series.

  2. Dear Tom,

    I agree with Joshua. I have enjoyed your comics and go to your blog every day. Where are the new ones?


  3. Hey Josh, Hey Anonymous, Hey Everybody Else,

    "The White Cube" will be returning to full force this week. I was out of town, and then moving my studio, and etc, but all those excuses are done with now. There will be a new Big Red & Shiny strip this week, and then we will return to the daily comics.

    Cheer up! Comics are on the way!