Dollar Value vs. Sweat Equity

Which is to say that it was very hot today. And that I am genuinely upset and baffled by the iced coffee surcharge. Can anyone explain this?
The next strip will feature a return to dialogue. I for one am excited.

Like Omega Man, but with a woman, and without Charleton Heston or the Luddite Vampire Cult

The second to last in this group of characters by themselves, this is the one that has the potential to spin off into a whole other series, at least until Danny and Nathan come back from their breaks.

Lawrence Schroeder is still the most important collector in the world.

Just for your reference, we're talking about this. Again, sculptures that seem like they could only exist as props in a comic strip actually exist in the world, much to our mutual horror.

Checking in with Danny on his lunch break.

Which is sort of what we'll be doing for a few days as we return from that hiatus. One at a time, folks.

More in the artist's studio

I guess that's an answer, but he could probably ask the same question again.

Where does it go?

You might be wondering what happened to the time between "The Return" and this strip. So am I.

The Return!

I didn't realize it had been so long. Fortunately, Derek works slowly if at all. There will be a new Big Red & Shiny strip in the update, two weeks from now. Good times to be had by all, I assure you.