Dollar Value vs. Sweat Equity

Which is to say that it was very hot today. And that I am genuinely upset and baffled by the iced coffee surcharge. Can anyone explain this?
The next strip will feature a return to dialogue. I for one am excited.


  1. Simple solutions:
    Don't buy the iced coffee from dean and deluca where they use gmo-free swiss-water organically pasteurized ice cubes.
    Your local deli sells ice coffee at a fraction of the price by using cafe bustelo which is scientifically proven to become palatable when chilled.
    Or you could order a hot coffee and ask for a cup of ice, which they are required to provide you with under a new Bloomberg ordinance.

  2. Or, there's the article in Friday's Times about how to brew your own Iced Coffee. The trick, apparently, is to make it with cold water. But seriously, don't dealers get all of their ideas and opinions from the Times anyways?