And after Frieze, there is Basel Miami. Or there isn't.

Danny learns an important lesson about getting clever with grammatical logic, and Nathan learns to keep his receipts.


  1. Oh sweet "f"ing jesus...someone's gotta post a frickin' comment already! So...of the comics posted from May through November, my favorites in descending order of hilarity are as follows: first, "Genre in Contemp. Art", because artists hate being categorized (it offends their fragile sense of individuality; second, "The Return", because Facebook can't be made fun enough as the lamest method of encouraging the "wannabe celebrity" in all of us; and third, "Further Adventures in Art & Money", because we may like art, but Christ do we NEED Money! Nice work, T-bone!

    Cheers from the sticks!

  2. Awesome comics man. Conspiracy Theory made me laugh out loud.